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Church Ceremony


Most couples still choose to exchange vows and rings in the traditional church setting. It is a very special atmosphere and it provides a backdrop for treasured photographs. 


That said, most couples are unsure about how to select music for the ceremony - especially the liturgical (I.e. Mass) elements. 


We have been performing at church ceremonies for decades and we will guide you effortlessly through the maze to what will be the perfect Ceremony!

Watch here to find out more about choosing music.


Civil Ceremony

In recent years, more options are available to couples for their Ceremony. Hotels, historical buildings and gardens are now more popular than ever. 


Because it's not a religious ceremony, there is far more flexibility in the choice of songs and readings. The formalities of the service are quite short so it is greatly enhanced by readings, poems and music which are personal to the couple. 


We are happy to assist you in choo

sing and placing music for best effect.

Watch here to find out more about choosing music.


Drinks Receptions

After the ceremony the photographer will usually take you to a location for some of the most iconic photographs of your wedding day. While that is happening, entertainment is usually provided for the guests. Having the same musicians and singers continue from Ceremony to drinks reception keeps a consistent theme and style to the soundtrack of the day. 

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