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About Adhru


Adhru has something to offer that money can’t buy - that is, experience and sensitivity to every occasion, whether it be joyous or not so happy.  Their experience is extensive and invaluable. Therefore Adhru can advise and guide you on music choices for whatever the occasion or setting.  The potential repertoire is wide ranging covering many styles and genres from Classical to Contemporary, encompassing Liturgical, Irish and Easy Listening  - and the list goes on


Adhru has something unique that sets us apart.  We can offer an original piece of music specially commissioned for your ceremony.  This gives you the opportunity to make your occasion that extra special, knowing that a piece of music has been specially written for you so that you can truly celebrate in style.

Adhru, through their understanding and knowledge of music have the ability to take a song or piece of music and make it their own, thus creating their own style that is easily recognizable.  While working on new music is challenging, it is also rewarding and enjoyable.  Adhru are flexible and adaptable and are always adding to their repertoire, so that the clients are always satisfied.  “If we don’t know it, we will learn it” – we love a challenge and we aim to please!


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